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Updated: Feb 28

I am PRO business. I believe that local government should be there to assist businesses, not hinder them. With that being said, I also believe that local government should make sure that businesses are abiding to the local regulations. I am not for over burdening businesses with those regulations, which are otherwise known as Codes. To me, this falls on the hinder side of this discussion. A balance needs to be struck so that Regulations and Codes are not a burden for businesses, but are there for the benefit of the Towns’ citizens.

So, let’s drill down on what regulations businesses should follow. Starting with where a business can be, to what a business needs to do while conducting business.

A business needs to fit within the land use codes. This just means that the area the business would like to be is zoned for business as some businesses should not be near or abut residential areas. Then, a business needs to be in the proper building for that particular business.

Once those codes have been followed, there are then codes that fall within how a business conducts itself. These codes are Fire Codes, building safety codes, sanitary codes if a business is serving food or drinks, and then of course there are the tax codes.

That is a quick and simplified explanation of regulation and codes. Some codes are very necessary for public safety, others for revenue to the town for governmental projects such as utility infrastructure, roads and parks. Revenue also goes to governmental operations such as snow plows, public works department and others.

Since I have been a Firestone Trustee, the Town staff, at the request of the Town Board of Trustee's have worked very hard to update the Town's land-use, building codes. This was a large request as the these codes had not been updated for well of a decade. These updated codes eliminated numerous errors and contradictions in the old codes, thus allowing for more streamlined and efficient processing of land use and building permits. Before these codes were updated, the process for each development was unique to that particular development. Now, the process remains the same for all developments with some small exceptions which are unique to each individual development.

Now let’s look at what business development has been doing over the last 4 years since I have been a Trustee.

There are 852 businesses that are registered with the Secretary of State that call firestone home. This doesn’t include Sole Proprietors that use their name for their business. This can be seen at I will post the link below. For a list of Brick-and-Mortar stores that have opened, I will post that link below as well. That fact that these businesses decided to call Firestone home is due to the efforts of the Economic Development Department within the Town of Firestone’s local government.

There are other retail developments being planned but are in negotiations. When those can be announced, the town will do so.

Here is a list of brick and mortar businesses that have opened since 2018:

  • Teriyaki Madness

  • Open and Affordable Dental

  • Patio Splash Hot tubs

  • Verizon

  • Cake Come True

  • Holiday Inn & Suites

  • Centennial Lending

  • Carbon Valley Integrative Therapies

  • Nex Exec suites

  • Gateway Mortgage Group

  • American Family Insurance

  • Farmers Insurance--Jessica Failand

  • Haelan Counseling

  • Surgical Products Inc.

  • Mac & Charlies Pet Spa

  • First Choice Insurance

  • Keller Williams Realty

  • Campfire Pet Spa

  • First Choice Insurance

  • Maya Mexican Grill

  • City Center Liquor

  • Firestone Complete Auto Care

  • Brakes Plus

  • Dollar General

  • Circle K

  • Christian Brothers Automotive

  • Chiro Fit

  • Vn Pho

  • Sterlini Coffee

  • TNT Plumbing

  • The Foot Refuge

  • Biggs Lagoon

  • L&M Ventures Pet Spa

  • Baskin & Robbins

Businesses to open in 2022:

  • Quick Trip

  • King Soopers Expansion and Relocated Fuel Station

  • Oak Meadows Dental

  • Big O Tires

  • Jersey Mike's

  • Marco's Pizza

  • Benchmark Dental

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