Central Park in Firestone

Updated: Feb 27

My wife, Jennifer and I moved to Firestone in June of 2014. A couple of months later, Jennifer came across a plan for the open land that is directly South of our house. This area, which sits on the South side of Sable (County Rd 22), between Colorado Blvd, and Frontier Street measures roughly ½ mile by 1 mile, or 320 acres, is known right now as “Central Park.” The “plan” was very appealing. It had many things that residents of a town would want in a park. Jennifer and I were pleasantly surprised to find this “plan”. We asked our neighbors about the “plan”. Some of them didn’t even know about the plan, and others snickered at it and told us they had seen the plan but the town hasn’t done anything about it.

Now, let's fast forward to late 2019. I am fast approaching a year since being elected to the Firestone Board of Trustees and we had been given several reports on the conditions of all the parks in Firestone. The reports were not good, and the town manager suggested that we create a town wide parks and trails master plan. The Board of Trustees agreed and in mid 2020, the Firestone Town Wide Parks and Trails Master Plan was completed. During the preparation of the plan, the company who was tasked to complete it, sent out surveys to the residents of the town asking what their priorities for the town parks would be. When the survey was tabulated, the far and away number one item was to build Central Park.

The Board of Trustees saw what the residents wanted and voted to have a Central Park Master Plan created. In January of 2021, the Board started meeting once a month with Design Workshop and Firestone residents. In August the plan was at a point where a feasibility study needed to be done. We are in the process of that as I write this.

Central Park is large enough that it can be used as a regional sports destination. Meaning that, kids and adults from all over the area would be able to come and compete on the sports fields, with emphasis on local participants using the fields as well. At the center of the park, or as it has come to be known as, “The Hub”, will be dedicated to local residents. This area is located in the center of the park and at the highest elevation to take advantage of the beautiful view of the valley and mountains to west.

At the center of the park, or as it has come to be known as, “The Hub”, will be dedicated to local residents.

The town is planning on using a public-private partnership to facilitate the building of the park so that residents WILL NOT face a tax increase. If you wanted to see the latest, but not final iteration of the Central Park plan, go to the link provided below.

I believe this plan will give the residents of Firestone a world class park that they can enjoy for many, many years to come. At the same time, it will make Firestone more attractive to businesses such as quality sit-down restaurants, stores, and other amenities that Firestone residents have been waiting for. This is another piece of the puzzle that will raise the quality of life for Firestone residents. The adage “Build it and they will come”, definitely applies for Firestone.

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