King Soopers Intersection

Updated: Feb 28

If you have lived in Firestone for a length of time, then I know that you have had to deal with intersection of Colorado Blvd and the King Soopers entrance. This intersection can be very hectic and down right unsafe at certain times of the day.

When talking to residents of Firestone, it is an almost guaranteed event that conversation about this intersection will come up. As a career firefighter, I dislike the intersection in many ways. There is just too many different types of movement happening there, especially during the busy times of the day.

The Board of Trustees has heard you!! As part of the 2022 budget process that occurred during the summer months of 2021, we as a Board unanimously agreed to place money in the 2022 budget for that intersection to be controlled. In other words. Stop lights will be installed in 2022 barring any supply chain issues.

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