As the saying goes, "Water is Life." Now I will go one better, "Water is quality of life". That saying is very apropos to what is happening along the Northern Front Range of Colorado right now. Water is getting very hard to come by and with a court case in Western Colorado right now, it could get even harder.

Kings Soopers Intersection

If you have lived in Firestone for a length of time, then I know that you have had to deal with intersection of Colorado Blvd and the King Soopers entrance. This intersection can be very hectic and down right unsafe at certain times of the day.

Central Park

My wife, Jennifer and I moved to Firestone in June of 2014. A couple of months later, Jennifer came across a plan for the open land that is directly South of our house. This area, which sits on the South side of Sable (County Rd 22), between Colorado Blvd, and Frontier Street ......

Business Devepment

I am PRO business. I believe that local government should be there to assist businesses, not hinder them. With that being said, I also believe that local government should make sure that businesses are abiding to the local regulations.